Offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama)

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Offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama)

The Incas were very committed to Mother Earth (Pachamama), so they always thanked and worshipped in what she provided, was known as their God called Divine Energy, Wiracocha. The Incas until the last days of their existence, communicated through coca leaves with Mother Earth whose divine energy is life, supernatural mysterious power and divine Holy Spirit.

The ceremonies were made in gratitude for all that they received from the body of God, in their offerings they gave: gold, silver, the best food and the sacrifice of animals. The spirit of the Wiracocha God represents the universe, the blood of the llama was the sacred wine and his body an offering to nature. The body or physical aspect of the Earth is Kay Pacha, it represents all the matter that exists (Apus –mountains-, plants, animals and all human beings that in the end return to the earth); its spirit is the sky or Hanan Pacha, made up of the Sun, Moon, stars, planets among others. Today we do the ceremony for gratitude and connect ourselves through the coca leaves; they serve as a means of communication with Mother Earth, we use a variety of native foods, the same ones that serve as an offering.

We reciprocate Mother Earth with love, willingness to thank from the heart for the divine and wonderful gift that is life, for food and everything that she gives us each day. We ask for and implore her protection in health, love, work, family, spirituality and wisdom. We pray for our family, friends and all who need the energy of the Pachamama (Mother Earth). The relationship between man and Pachamama is summed up in a continuous connection, in a relationship of interaction with spiritual entities.

Offering to the Pachamama, 1:00 hour, at the Ceremony Center near Plaza de Armas Cusco, 3rd floor.
60.00 USD
Offering to Pachamama, 1:20 hour, Retreats Temple in the countryside 45 minutes from Cusco and hotels.
90.00 USD
Special Offering to the Pachamama 1:40 hour, outside Cusco: Machupicchu, Ollantaytambo and other archaeological centers.
120.00 USD