Reading of Coca Leaves

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Reading of Coca Leaves

Coca leaves are a bond of sacred intimacy for the connection of people and spirits, their energy acts as a means of covenant for connection with the energetic gods. The reading of coca leaves is the most recognized and respected divinatory method in South America. Mother Coca is a sacred plant that represents Heaven and earth, we use it to diagnose, to discover or as an intermediary of energy connection. The Shamans say their prayers asking permission from the universe to open the divine channel. The doctors or Andean Paccos (the Yachay - priests seekers) are from the indigenous communities of Peru, who will make the reading of coca leaves, whose purpose is to find what you are looking for.

Mother Coca knows about our being, where we’re going, who we are and what we want, works as an oracle and interpreter; when you consult the coca leaves, you will get answers for your questions. It will help you solve your problems, tell you which path to follow, what you should do, discover secrets of the person you are going to consult about etc. It also allows you to understand, heal the wounds of past lives, gives you wise advice. Coca leaves are an essential spiritual element or medium of connection with the God of divine energy, Kay Pacha represents matter, the Andes range (Apus), plants, and divine spirit of God, who is Hanan Pacha, represents Heaven, the Sun (Tayta Inti), the Moon among others.

The coca readings are of Inca legacy, in fact it is a practice that is lost in the night of times, being considered as widespread in all pre-Inca cultures, which, like the Incas, attributed it not only a divine origin, but also deemed it the seat of a mother spirit, the soul of the plant, which never dies.

The ceremony with coca leaves is used to create solidarity in the group, friendship, wisdom, courage and harmony with the supernatural planet, is a major part of the cosmic system. The spiritual relationship between humans and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) is a continuous interaction, coca leaves are an intermediary that connects by forging an intimate bond between people and the sacred spirits, act as guides, as a guarantee or pact of collaboration between human beings and the spiritual God.

  • The Master Shaman is from the Queros tribe, asks permission by means of a prayer to the sky and the earth, to connect to the coca leaves and be able to give an answer to the interested party. He then rings his bell in the direction of the four points of the Tawantinsuyo (the four divisions of the Inca empire), making a sign with leaves in his hands.
  • Gives you answers according to the trust, intention or faith you have in the sacred leaves and in the Shaman; the coca will tell everything you want to know at the moment. When the Master Shaman drops the coca leaves in his mantle, he will interpret the different forms of the leaves and other aspects.
  • In order to have a successful reading of coca leaves, the Shaman must be of specialty and experienced in the ceremony. In addition, those who actually read the leaves must come from a genealogical tree of Shamans, who have gained the knowledge through the generations.
Coca Leaves Reading, 55 minutes, at the Ceremony Center near Plaza de Armas, Cusco, 3rd floor.
50.00 USD
Reading of Coca Leaves, from 45 minutes to 1:10 hour, service to hotels or at the Retreats Temple in the countryside.
90.00 USD
Reading of Coca Leaves, from 60 minutes to 1:30 hour, outside Cusco: Machu Picchu, Urubamba, country house or hotels.
120.00 USD