San Pedro Retreat Amazon

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San Pedro Retreat Amazon

The Wachuma or San Pedro is a magical plant that produces visions and magical reflections. This sacred medicine was the inspiration of the ancient pre-Inca cultures, it is a Sacred Plant of the Gods, used in important rituals of spiritual connection. It was also used for energy cleansing and purification of the body, mind and spirit.

To understand its benefits it would be necessary to experience the process. Huachuma is a divine gift, it gives self-reflection, intense connection with the sky and the earth. It is a mysterious self-healing plant that connects you with your alma mater, which is Mother Earth (Pachamama).

Wachuma is a very wise master plant, it just teaches what you need to know and not what you try or want to know. We know it as the grandfather, because it is male. The Huachuma is life, divine masculine spirit of spiritual perception and not a hallucination. It shows you experiences of real consciousness and it is not a hallucinogen that plays with the outside world. Before the initiation the participant is briefed about the experience with Wachuma, we focus on what is going to come and not on what we want. Many people arrive having different expectations or concepts, many readings and information from the esoteric or mystical worldview, as well as the thousand and one fantasies related to Wachuma. San Pedro retreat Amazon, Wachuma in Amazon.

The San Pedro retreat Amazon is medicine, ancient Inca magic plant, awakens the light of your heart. Huachuma or San Pedro is the masculine spirit of the Apus (mountains). Heals, cleans and harmonizes from the inside to the outside of your being. It purifies your mind, gives you cosmic energy and makes your eyes shine with love, connects you with the great spirits of the mountains. It is a divine gift, opens the door of Heaven and earth, expands the vision. It connects with nature and universe, cleanses, balances the body, mind and spirit, sensitizes your heart, gives you the energy, the power to transmit your love to the universe. It is anti-stress and anti-depressant. Triggers a process of reflection of the consciousness, psycho-emotional opening of self-healing. It has many medicinal properties.

Points to remember: During the Wachuma ceremony we face the mysterious wisdom that functions as the mirror, that is, what manifests outwardly is the feeling of the interior. What goes outside is the interior in its essence, it is love, goodness, compassion, wisdom, interdependence and clear and infinite light in an infinite space. During the 3 hours removes veils, disturbances and obscurations, we call it "The Purge". May cause nausea or vomiting. San Pedro retreat Amazon, Wachuma in Amazon.