Volcanic Medicinal Water

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Volcanic Medicinal Water

The volcanic medicinal water is the final and obligatory step before taking Ayahuasca or San Pedro (Wachuma). It provides a powerful detoxification which is excellent for overall health and also will allow the effects of the sacred brews to be the strongest.


The medicinal volcanic water comes from the subsoil of volcanoes in the Andes, it is very pure, clean and is charged with natural sulfates, which are organic, harmless detoxifying compounds and antiseptics. Indeed, it (except on quite large, irresponsible amounts) does not have any of the side or secondary effects of regular antibiotics, any at all. Cleanses the entire digestive system, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, boosts the immune system. It is very good in all cases of digestive and urological conditions. The taste, smell, appearance is not unpleasant, it has salty flavor and almost no smell, somewhat dusky color. Above 15 glasses, it may damage the intestinal flora. The elimination goes two ways: mainly by the intestinal route (stool) and also by the urinary route.


People have to take 8 large glasses of it. This amount works really good with almost everybody. The medicinal volcanic water detox takes between 1:30 hour and 2 hours. Important: 4 hours prior to the intake, no eating or drinking anything, not even pure water. The consumption of the liquid must be constant, without many pauses. People have to be in motion, walking around most of the time for this will help with the elimination of toxins and residues in the body. A person’s temperature will lower for a while, this is normal, you just have to bring some warm clothes. It may happen a percentage of people will vomit, this is good because the beverage is cleansing the liver, we will provide a bucket. This detoxification process is over when after the 8 glasses the person’s stool has no more solid residues. After, the person can have a very light meal, on the preparation diet, like fruits or a vegetable soup. Then the client will be ready for the Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony/retreat, the sacred brews will find the organism clean and will go straight to the bloodstream and then into the brain for producing strong, long, visions, insights, catharses, etc.

  • People who suffer from epilepsy can not drink it (neither Ayahuasca).
  • Pregnant women can not drink it (neither Ayahuasca).
  • Persons who have had recent (6 months) digestive system surgery must ask a doctor
  • People who are allergic to sulfates can not drink. Their detox will be made in other way (herbal beverages, etc).
  • Children under 5 years of age can not drink it, because their intestinal flora isn’t still resistant enough.

The detoxification drinking is usually done in our office. If you prefer, it can be done at your hotel, for an additional cost of US$20.00. The cleansing with volcanic medicinal water is included in your Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony/retreat cost. If you just want to do the detoxification, the price is US$40.00. Volcanic medicinal water.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions about the preparation/detoxification process, mandatory for an Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony or retreat.

Volcanic Medicinal Water 1 to 2 hours, in the temple of retreats near Plaza de Armas, Cusco, 3rd floor.
40.00 USD
Volcanic Medicinal Mineral Water, 1 to 2 hours, at your hotel in Cusco, includes a specialized assistant for taking the water.
60.00 USD
Volcanic Medicinal Mineral Water, 1 to 2 hours, outside Cusco (Machupicchu, Urbamba). Includes specialized assistant for taking the water.
120.00 USD