Instructions for Drinking Ayahuasca

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Instructions for Drinking Ayahuasca

Drinking the Ayahuasca brew has a previous and a post period. And also a during one. On this article we explain all the steps involved for doing a successful ceremony or retreat, to guarantee healing and psycho-spiritual progress. Check these instructions.

  • The more relaxed, peaceful and with a spiritual state of mind, the better will be all the effects of the medicinal brew. In order to be like this, we recommend practices like meditation, yoga, prayer, noble silence (which means talking the least thus keeping focused on mental peace and also avoiding negative inputs from some people) or other method you may know. Ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.
  • A process of nutritional detox is also required. 3 days before at least the participant must do a diet, based on fruits, vegetables, beans, herbal teas, rice, very little salt and sugar. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pills, meat, canned food, sodas and artificial beverages are not allowed. You must eat and drink as natural as possible.
  • The day before the first drinking of the healing potion (or in the next day first thing in the morning) you must do the final detoxification with the volcanic medicinal water, which contains natural sulfates and minerals that will powerfully cleanse the digestive system, kidneys, urinary tract and boost the immune cells. This water has many healthy properties. Do not eat/drink anything 4 hours before. Ayahuasca retreat.

All of these previous measures will get your body and mind in the right state for drinking Ayahuasca with optimal results. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

  • The senior Amazonian Shaman will, through the translator, brief you about the right attitude for the session. Basically, the idea is to relax, trust the power of the spiritual brew in order to have full grasp of the visions, emotions, insights, etc and sharing them when needed with the Shaman and the assistant for your healing.
  • The Shaman then protects the ceremony room from evil, negative energies and drinks the Ayahuasca brew. Next, the participant will drink it too.
  • After almost 1 hour approximately, the participant will begin having visions (even with eyes open) and then access to unconscious contents, deep insights, mystical connections, etc, the whole psycho-spiritual experience. You must know the Shaman and the assistant-translator will always be there, trust them. You’ll be very comfortable in the dark, on a mat with pillow and blanket, heating system, bucket (90% of the people will vomit but this is part of the healing), etc. Live your mystical journey in calm, serenity and work together with the Shaman and the assistant anytime you need. Ayahuasca retreat.
  • When the session is over, the Shaman will be available to interpret all your experiences and answer any question.
  • We recommend you continue with the diet from 3 to 7 days after the ceremony or retreat, to extend the healing effects of the Ayahuasca in your body and mind.
  • Also, it is good to prolong your state of enhanced mental tranquility, for as long as you can. The effects of the sacred brew are usually long lasting, this is why many people take it regularly.
  • Try to incorporate to your everyday life all the teachings and realizations Mother Ayahuasca has given you. They will surely make you a more human, rational, compassionate, wise, spiritual person. Don't forget to follow these instructions for the best results! Ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.