Contraindications for Ayahuasca

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Contraindications for Ayahuasca

This is a millenary healing potion, however, not everybody can safely use it. On this article we specify the conditions which impede a person of drinking it. Optionally, other ancient rituals can be done. Read the contraindications for Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca Peru.

It is essential that any ceremony or retreat, be it Ayahuasca or Huachuma (San Pedro), is conducted by a genuine, senior Shaman. We have only experienced Amazonian Shamans, which are the best in the world. Also, there must be an assistant-translator with training and experience in medicine and psychology, who we also provide for the sessions. They are inside the ceremonial room all the time, taking care of and supporting the participant. Sessions which go bad are a direct consequence of lack of professionalism and expertise by the people in charge. We have had for more than 7 years now a system which ensures the participants’ safety from beginning to end. Making clear the contraindications of our millenary healing plant is part of this system. Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

We suggest you bring a medical certificate attesting a proper cardiac and mental health status. Our association also works with general doctors and specialists, but a health screen will have an additional cost of US$50.00. Now please check the contraindications listed below. Ayahuasca Peru.

  • Heart Conditions: any kind of cardiac issues like murmur, pacemaker, tachycardia, inflammations, previous heart attack, surgery and others impede the participant of doing a ceremony.
  • Low or High Blood Pressure: the psycho-spiritual session with the brew will be somewhat demanding on the cardiovascular system, thus contraindicated for people with this condition.
  • Psychiatric Issues: people already diagnosed or with psychiatric disorder symptoms are not allowed. The Ayahuasca has a strong effect on the central nervous system and will worsen disorders like schizophrenia, paranoia, bipolarity, etc. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.
  • Epilepsy: also due to the varied effects of the healing brew in the brain, persons with this condition must not drink the potion
  • Simultaneous Drug/Alcohol Use: the Ayahuasca therapy is being scientifically supported as quite effective for addictions. However, any drug and alcohol consumption must be interrupted 3 to 7 days before the ceremony/retreat. Particularly, mixing of cocaine and the medicinal brew will lead to a heart attack or stroke and most likely death.
  • Pills: use of any pills must also be interrupted at least 3 days before the ceremony or retreat. If you take some medicine on a regular basis, please talk to your doctor in order to know how to proceed. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.
  • Tobacco Smoke: the mapacho (shamanic cigarette) has a traditional role in the ceremony. Anyway, if you are allergic or intolerant to it, please let us know in advance. Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.

If health state does not allow you to take part in an Ayahuasca session, there are other very valuable options for psycho-spiritual healing:

  • San Pedro: please consult with us if you can still drink the San Pedro (Huachuma), which is a lighter sacred brew.
  • Ancient Inca Rituals: these are a series of ceremonies which have been conducted by local Shamans for thousands of years and are based on the workings of nature’s subtle energies. For example, the reading of coca leaves finds out about your present and then the Shaman asks the energies about your best decisions for the future. The cleansing of negative energies acts against negative karmas, bringing good fortunes afterwards. The offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama) is key in Andean shamanism, we make her a gift and in return the energies of nature will see to provide us good circumstances and prosperity. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.
  • Shamanic Massages: we offer a variety of them, which combine spiritual rituals with physical techniques. The difference of the shamanic massage is that it uses ancient knowledge and ingredients (Andean-Amazonian oils, creams, energetic stones, etc) to achieve full relaxation, unblocking of energy flows and a spiritual improvement in key areas of existence. Finally, we also do conventional Western massages. All our Shamans and massage therapists are highly qualified, experienced personnel. Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. Ayahuasca Peru.