Importance of Icaros

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Importance of Icaros - Cusco

Our expert Shamans have many techniques inherited from their ancestors, Shamans as well. The icaros are ritual chants which have several functions: they soothe the participant, control the visions, etc. Read here about these traditional shamanic songs. Ayahuasca Peru.


They are a fundamental part of the Ayahuasca treatment. These chants are used by the Shamans to cleanse the ceremony room from negative energies, to protect themselves and the participants from evil vibrations and also for the healing of the people taking part in the ceremony. They are a form of the Shaman’s energy, thus the Ayahuasca cup is also charged with these chants and so is the smoke of the mapacho (Shaman's cigarette). Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Moreover, the healer can see inside the participant’s body, see the dynamics of his energies and act upon them with the icaros. This singing can help with the release of unconscious pathological contents too. Therefore, we can understand the importance of icaros as elements of the ritual and likewise as energetic tools for healing and psychospiritual development. Ayahuasca Peru.


Each Shaman owns his icaros, they are personal, unique like our handwriting, signature and similars. There are several ways a master healer can get them: they can be roughly transmitted from master to disciple, created by himself during an Ayahuasca ceremony or finally taught by the sacred plant itself.

This is a totally intuitive, emotional process. The Shaman begins singing what he feels. Sometimes he will sing, sometimes he will whistle or howl, many times he will accompany with the rattle. It is not unusual that during an Ayahuasca ritual (5 to 6 hours) the Shaman’s wife or daughter will sing too, giving the master Shaman the chance to focus on other aspects of the ritual. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.


There are several methods an expert Shaman use for transferring his energy via the mystical chants:

  • He can sing over the Ayahuasca cup in order to charge it with the additional healing energy of the shamanic songs.
  • He can sing over the smoke of the mapacho (shamanic cigarette) to fortify its effects.
  • The Shaman can use the chants to protect the entire ceremonial room, himself and all the participants from the action of evil, negative energies.
  • These shamanic songs are also used to help eliminate negative energies from the participant’s body. The master healer in trance can see those pathological inner patterns, dynamics and destroy them with energetic passes of his hands and also with the energy of the singing. Ayahuasca Peru.
  • The mystical chants will influence the visions and experiences the participant has. Therefore, they play an important role in accessing traumatic, unhealthy unconscious contents and direct them to the surface of consciousness, for their integration and nullification. Importance of icaros.

These typical shamanic songs will definitely soothe the participant and also cooperate in a very important way with the healing of body and mind and with spiritual development. Ayahuasca in Cusco, Ayahuasca in Amazon, importance of icaros. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.