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Our Customer Services Office

We have a wonderful partnership with the Peruvian Association of Shamans for using their Customer Services Office, located at the best place, downtown Cusco City, near to many top hotels, restaurants, money exchange offices, supermarkets, shops, etc. Ayahuasca ritual Peru.

Our Customer Services Office address is 148 Herrajes street, half-block from the Marriott hotel and one block from the Main Square (Plaza de Armas), it's very easy to get there. You can find out everything regarding our products: Ayahuasca and/or San Pedro ceremonies and retreats, reading of coca leaves, cleansing of negative energies, flowering bath, offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), shamanic and conventional massages, Inca mystic marriages and more.

Also, you can make reservations, payments and drink the volcanic medicinal water (previous detoxification, obligatory for Ayahuasca and San Pedro). You will find everything in the surroundings: regular and vegetarian restaurants, money exchange, typical Andean shops and more. Finally, it is the place where we will pick you up in case you've chosen to go to our Retreats Temple in the countryside. And you can also hang out with our personnel for a while, learning more about Andean-Inca spirituality.

Do not be misled by unscrupulous people who pretend to be us or staff of the Peruvian Association of Shamans! Please keep in mind this is our only authorized attention place. Ayahuasca ritual Peru.