The Retreats Temple in the woods - Ayahuasca Cusco

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The Retreats Temple in the woods

Just 1 hour from Cusco City, we are able to use the Peruvian Association of Shamans’ Retreats Temple. It’s an amazing place located in the very countryside, surrounded by mountains, woods, a stream, river, filled with peace and strong natural energy flow. Ayahuasca in Cusco. Ayahuasca ritual Peru.

The Retreats Temple has beautiful, large gardens, a playground for kids, social areas, dining room, kitchen, a pool. The rooms for the ceremonies are spacious, private, with bathroom and heaters. Bedrooms for our guests are furnished and very comfortable. Finally, on the 3rd floor, we have rooms and apartments, both furnished, for the participants who want to stay for a longer time.

The site is ideal for Ayahuasca ceremonies, anytime of day, because of the silence of the region and the intense natural energy which boost the participant’s receptivity to the mystical brew. For people who want to take San Pedro (which is better done outdoors), the complex is also a wonderful place, because it has green areas and if the drinker wants, he can do the ritual outside in the woods around the premises, or by the river or the stream. Ayahuasca in Cusco. Ayahuasca ritual Peru.