Ayahuasca and Ecological Awareness

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Ayahuasca and Ecological Awareness

Incredibly, there have been many reports about the Ayahuasca literally asking people to be much more careful and concerned with nature; this can happen in several ways: the person can feel a constant state of union and openness with nature, there can be striking, clear realizations about the importance of the environment and even the Ayahuasca itself can tell people that protection of natural life is part of a spiritual path too. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

For example, one participant in an Ayahuasca session had a vision where a pack of white wolves ran down a hill to tell -yes, talking- him he should be more concerned and engaged with ecological issues… the mysterious wisdom of the sacred plant tries to lead us to the preservation of nature and indeed preservation of the species, including our own. It all points out that the sacred, healing brew from then rain forest, the Ayahuasca, also rings the alarm and is awakening a growing number of people to the importance of evolving beyond narcissism, lack of ample social bonds and indifference for the fate of the natural world. Mother Ayahuasca from the Amazon is telling spiritual people around the world that the prevailing global mainstream paradigm (materialism where monetary profit and elitism rule) could lead humankind to a very dangerous place. Ayahuasca ceremony.

And yet, this concern about ecological conservation directly collides with the interests of the global establishment, which appears mainly focused on increasing production and therefore profit, without caring too much about the impact on nature and even on society. A massive strategy of social manipulation and denial is conducted on several levels, keeping millions of people either unaware or doubtful about ecological issues. In all this context, the Ayahuasca spirituality certainly unveils a shining truth, which is that in destroying nature humankind is putting in grave danger the viability of the whole species. Ayahuasca and ecological awareness. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Our Amazonian Shamans have grown up with a completely different worldview; they come from tribes with a long tradition of shamanism, dating way before Inca times. They focus on spiritual healing and development in harmony with nature, being careful to avoid the overuse of natural resources, since their tribes rely on them for survival needs, not for massive, industrial production and selling. Ayahuasca ceremony.

However, the Ayahuasca is a mystical plant which wants to take people beyond and above the prevailing yet low levels of consciousness and spiritual development; an Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon is a guaranteed setting for emotional, spiritual and even biological breakthroughs, for the Ayahuasca brew is showing great results for the healing of many psychospiritual problems, and even cures cells and tissues which are in a pre-cancerous state. Ayahuasca and ecological awareness. Ayahuasca retreat Peru. Ayahuasca ceremony.