Ayahuasca Heals Depression

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Ayahuasca Heals Depression

In the Peruvian Amazon, the healing power of the Ayahuasca sacred brew has been known for thousands of years, at least since 1000 b.C.; the aboriginals had their Shamans in every tribe, they treated all emotional-spiritual issues and also many physical conditions. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

This tradition and knowledge continues in our Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats; all our Shamans are from the Amazon and in turn belong to an old lineage of Shamans, who are masters on the psychospiritual dynamics of the sacred brew. Our retreats in the rain forest also offer translators and assistants with training in medicine and psychology, they will be taking care of the participants all the time, throughout the Ayahuasca ritual, helping and healing; the Amazonian Shaman of course is leading the ceremony and also stays with the participants during the entire ceremony. Ayahuasca retreat.

Currently, scientific mainstream is beginning to confirm what the ancient shamanic knowledge from the Amazonian masters have known for long, that the Ayahuasca is a powerful, effective, natural, mystical medicine to cure many psychospiritual and even physical conditions. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

In the case of depression, usually the sacred plant will take the participant to the deepest unconscious, and make him actually face and confront the illness, which often will be in the guise of a scary, rebel, destructive character; in the beginning the depression will talk to the participant and try to take away the motivation for healing, will try to prevail over the person’s wish to overcome all the sorrow. However, Mother Ayahuasca enters and gives strength and support to the person, until him actually gets stronger than the disease and defeats the disguised psychopathology, after which Mother Ayahuasca will pull the participant away from darkness into a realm of light and bliss, where the energy that the depression took away will be restored as positive, creative, comforting and reviving vitality and pleasure for life. Ayahuasca heals depression. Ayahuasca retreat.

Now scientific research has established the biochemistry of the Ayahuasca brew in relation to the healing of depression: the sacred potion causes a decrease of the levels of the enzyme MAO (monoaminoxidase) in the nervous system which in turn allows an increase of the neurotransmitter called serotonin (5HT), the one that is reduced in cases of depression. The elevated serotonin then enhances mood, sensory perception and advanced intellectual processes, factors which are typically damaged in depression. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

Currently there are attempts from large pharmaceutical companies in order to patent and start industrial production of the Ayahuasca beverage, however, the technology is not yet close to the real plants and also this initiative is being fought by Ayahuasca healers around the world, for practical and spiritual reasons.

We still maintain the tradition of natural, toxic-free, expert and shamanic Ayahuasca healing in our wonderful and safe environment in the Amazonian jungle, one of the most energetic and powerful regions in the world. Ayahuasca heals depression. Ayahuasca retreat.