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Ayahuasca in Peru

Peru is the best place in the world to have an Ayahuasca retreat; our country, and particularly the Andean-Amazonian region of Cusco, has a millenary tradition of healing body, mind and soul with the sacred brew. Our Association of Shamans offers the visitors comfortable, private, safe facilities which are not lost in the jungle like others, but rather are in natural energetic places close to urban, residential areas, thus providing at the same time an environment filled with ecological power and the conveniences of all kinds of town services. Ayahuasca in Peru. Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.

Currently in the First World, the Ayahuasca brew is classified by government agencies as an illegal drug, with no medical value… this is why many people are coming to Cusco in order to have an Ayahuasca treatment, because independent scientific research has already established that the sacred brew actually has a significant efficacy for healing conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, all types of addictions and more. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

Here in Cusco our Association provides customers with expert, professional Shamans from the Amazon basin, highly qualified assistants with training in medicine and psychology, English-speaking translators and a very competent administrative and internet resources staff. We offer 100% safety, professionalism and guaranteed top service, are also are licensed and certified by the Peruvian Department of Health. Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.

The active compound of the Ayahuasca brew is the DMT. The Amazonian-Andean knowledge about this potion has long established that it is indeed a powerful healing medicine on a chemical-psychological-spiritual level, and the latest independent scientific research points out to the sacred brew Ayahuasca to be perhaps the most powerful medicine in the history of psychopharmacology. There are, for instance, many reports of people being cured from depression, after conventional Western mental health professionals had told them they had to stay indefinitely on anti-depressive medications. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.

Our Association of Shamans is a caring, professional, spiritual organization. We do not put our customers in any kind of risk, because our Shamans are experts, the participant is always accompanied by a trained assistant and a translator. Our main goal is the healing, spiritual evolution and complete well-being of the person who has trusted us in order to overcome abuse, existential issues, spiritual quests, shadow behaviors and so on. Ayahuasca in Peru.

In the end, our Association of Shamans gets not only cured patients and satisfied customers, but also friends for life, who become regular visitors, who bring family, friends and stay on the path of Mother Ayahuasca and genuine spirituality in general. Ayahuasca in Peru with us is the best choice for sure when it comes to safe and guaranteed psychospiritual healing. Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. Ayahuasca ceremony Peru.