Ayahuasca the Divine Femine

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Ayahuasca the Divine Feminine - Ayahuasca Cusco

Grandmother Ayahuasca, Mother Ayahuasca. These are some of the names the initiated give to the healing, sacred Amazonian brew. Indeed, the Ayahuasca has a very strong spiritual power which wants the best for us, just like a good, loving mother would. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Generally, the Ayahuasca in Amazon session begins with the Shaman (we only work with senior Amazonian Shamans, with the help of a trained assistant and a translator) saying his prayers and blocking the ceremony room from negative, evil energies; then he himself drinks the healing Ayahuasca brew and next the participant does the same. Ayahuasca retreat.

After 45 minutes approximately the participant will begin to feel the effects of the Ayahuasca. A variety of visions which can have several connotations: they can be multicolored and geometrical, natural landscapes with psychedelic features or they can be about the participant’s deepest unconscious, where usually traumas, repressed contents and harmful behaviors lie, creating suffering and unhealthy patterns. Ayahuasca retreat Peru.

Like a good mother, the Ayahuasca will help the participant to deal with, to confront his worst emotional and/or spiritual issues and will also give the participant the support and strength to finally overcome problems like anxiety, depression, addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder. After the healing, Mother Ayahuasca will pull the participant out of the darkness and take him to a realm of light and bliss which does not exclude that the healing and psychospiritual empowerment continues. Finally, the highest stage of an Ayahuasca ceremony is when the Mother takes the participant to the vision and communication with God, Spirit Itself, to experience a telepathic conversation with the Supreme Energy. Ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca Peru.

The divine feminine of the Amazonian Ayahuasca is thus a very powerful healing force, which is caring, compassionate and constructive. It also awakens awareness of protecting Mother Nature, of rising above the patriarchal social organizations and materialistic-mechanistic worldviews, both one-sided and a source of many serious individual and collective problems. Another very important teaching of the divine feminine is about self-love which is the prerequisite for broader kinds of love, until the universal love of the sages and the enlightened, way far from today’s prevailing narcissism and cold self-interest. Ayahuasca retreat Peru. Ayahuasca Peru.

Doing an Ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon is a great chance to begin or continue a spiritual path which undoubtedly brings plenty of rewards and evolution for ourselves, our loved ones and for the planet. Doing an Ayahuasca healing retreat in the Peruvian rain forest is certainly a life-changing experience. Ayahuasca retreat. Ayahuasca Peru.