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Andean Marriage - Cusco

The Andean Inca Marriage includes: There are 9 complete ancient Inca purification techniques, and in total we offer 12 different ceremonies:

  • Volcanic Medicinal Water: Physical detoxification of the digestive system in general, helps eliminate toxic chemicals by expelling them by the anal, urinary and oral routes. You must drink it the day before the Ayahuasca retreat.
  • Coca Leaves Reading: Coca leaves are a guide to spiritual communication or oracles. We make a diagnosis and counseling about your personal status. They detect your problems, they allow you to understand the process, through the evaluation and the advice we help to solve your difficulties.
  • Cleansing of Negative Energies: Cleans and purifies difficult energies, expels negative vibrations, overloads and bad sensations from various sources, karma, depression, stress accumulated in your body, mind and spirit. We open your chakras and help you free your being from harmful energies.
  • Ayahuasca Ritual (2): Gift of divine power, allows deep internal cleansing, spiritual, psychological and physical. It purifies cells, cures cancer, diabetes and other unknown diseases and addictions like alcohol and drugs. It transforms your heart through forgiveness, frees you from traumas, disappointments and depression. Improves genetics.
  • Wachuma (San Pedro) Ritual (2): Magic and mysterious cactus, is a process of internal and external self-knowledge, spiritual self-healing. It expands the vision, connects the mind with the heart, nature and universe. Psychoemotional opening, reflection of conscience and encounter with yourself. It makes your eyes shine with love and happiness.
  • Offering to the Pachamama (Mother Earth): We reward you with an offering and we connect through the coca leaves, thanking for life and all that we receive. We pray for food, protection and energy etc. We ask Pachamama to improve life, health, love, family, work, spirituality and others.
  • Flowering Bath: Recharge, activate the spiritual life and positive vibrations. It connects with the cosmic energy and spiritual forces of the universe. Brings powers or energy desires as the law of attraction. It serves for personal protection and growth by activating emotional development.
  • Inca Marriage Ceremony: It is a sacred pact with the universe and the earth, the couple receives the benefits of the Apus (mountains) and the forces of nature. It is the perfect duality that represents the sun and the moon, where there are no lies or infidelities, living in perfect harmony.
  • Matrimonial Union: The Andean priest makes the Flowering Bath, the bride and groom plant a seed that represents the future of their relationship.
  • Wachuma (San Pedro) Ritual (2): Divine gift, opens the doors of the universe, connects you with nature and the Pachamama (Mother Earth). It is the reflection of consciousness, it frees your mind.
  • Inca Massage: This massage with incense, flowery water and others relieves tension, stress, nerves, contractures, overloads and negative energies. We use organic essences and medicinal creams like coca, chirichiry, marku and others.
Donation per person. Group: $ 1550.00 USD (All that indicates the page, except the tours to the different ruins and Machupicchu).
1450.00 USD
Donation per person. Group: $ 1700.00 USD (All ceremonies, tours to all different ruins are shared different people).
1700.00 USD
Donation per person. Private: $ 1950.00 USD (All the retreat is private, all the itinerary is private, only for the married couple, includes all tours to the different ruins).
1950.00 USD


  • Pick up from the Hotel to the Shamanic Office, transportation back and forth from Cusco city to the RetreatsTemple (Sacred Valley).
  • Accommodations for 6 days and 5 nights (room with double bed) at the Retreats Temple with basic amenities.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (organic food according to diet).
  • Different offerings used in the ceremonies of Offering to the Pachamama, Cleansing of Negative Energies and others.
  • Experienced spiritual guide (plus assistant), translator in Quechua, Spanish and English for and throughout your healing retreat.
  • Traditional Andean costume for marriage (give us your measurements); if you wish you can bring your own wedding outfit.
  • Food: breakfasts, lunches to your guests, special diet for medicinal work with plants.
  • Individual consultation with the Shamans to discuss your experience of the healing process.
  • Encounter and group lessons with the Shaman to share your experiences and more.
  • Godparents from the Queros community.
  • Relaxing, spiritual instrumental sounds and meditation at the Temple.
  • Relaxation massages with plants and medicinal essences.
  • Video recording, photos and full edition of the wedding on CD.
  • Taking pictures on different ceremonies without interruptions for personal memory, through the assistant (optional).
  • Encounter, group or individual consultations and interpretation of visions with Master Shamans to share your messages and experiences.
  • The retreat is carried by 6 to 8 different Shamans native of all Peru, Qeros, Ausangante (Andean); and Ashánincas, Shipibo or Machiguengas (Amazonian) etc.
  • This retreat is available on the date you require or schedule.
  • Maximum group of six guests, if you want to include more people request and propose.