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Shamanic Marriage - Cusco

This is a real, ancient Andean and Inca ritual; it is a pact of union in front of the Inti Tayta (Father Sun) and the Pachamama (Mother Earth), two of the main gods in Inca religion. Its spiritual, mystical meaning and strength is said to be greater than the Christian marriage; it is done according to Inca wisdom, which believes in the subtle, spiritual energies inside nature. Thus Inti Tayta and Pachamama give their blessing to the union and will always send their positive energies to the couple and their children.

The Inca spiritual wedding is an oath that can not be broken by any of the partners, it is a sacred covenant with the energies of the Sun and the earth; it’s a union for the rest of their lives. If the vow was broken, the Incas thought negative energies will be sent to the couple; the Inca marriage does not allow infidelity, violence, arguments and so on, it’s a pact of mutual love, respect and happiness. The dissolution of an Inca marriage can only be done under the most extreme circumstances, and with the giving of offerings to the gods who blessed the union.


  • Nuptial ceremony, when two Andean Shamans will summon the energies of the Sun and the Earth to bless the union.
  • The Juñunakuy which is a spiritual blessing for a lifelong marriage, while the Amazonian Shamans will be singing the icaros (mystical chants).
  • Private transportation to the Retreats Temple; photography and filming of the ceremony.
  • 3 Shamans, and assistant and a translator who speaks Quechua, Spanish and English.
  • Typical Andean-Inca marriage outfits; lunch for the couple, the Shamans and the guests.
  • The event will have a half-day duration; the Retreats Temple will be decorated with beautiful flowers. Beer, red wine and chicha de jora (ancient Inca beverage).
  • Spiritual blessing of wedding rings


  • Wedding rings (gold and silver preferably, not solid necessarily). Transportation for guests.
  • Wedding outfit if the couple don’t want the traditional Inca one. Godparents in case the couple wants them.
  • An official Andean-Inca marriage certificate issued by the Peruvian Association of Shamans.

In a contemporary world so filled with individualism, impulsiveness, little respect for others, infidelity, selfishness, materialism and so on, going back to the ancient Inca wisdom that made their empire and society a really peaceful place with plenty of solidarity and mutual respect is surely a great way to have a marriage and a family which will be protected from the dangers that nowadays threaten most families around the world.

The Andean-Inca marriage is a whole different concept of union and family than the current western worldview; it comes from a time when people were more relaxed and spiritual, had more religious and ethical values. Undoubtedly a very good way to bless a couple for the now and the forever.