What is Wachuma (San Pedro)?

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What is Wachuma?

The Wachuma or San Pedro is a cactus found in the elevated lands of Peru. It has been used for centuries by local Shamans for healing body, mind and for mystical connection. Read here its description and effects of psychospiritual liberation.


It is a cactus whose size varies, originary from the Peruvian highlands. Its psychedelic and entheogen compound is the mescaline. For preparation as a brew, it is sliced and boiled for around 6 hours and most of the times people add some lemon juice to improve flavor.

It is considered the male spirit of the Andes, the Ayahuasca being the feminine one. Archaeological evidence traces its use back to at least 1.500 b.C., because there are carvings on stone showing priests holding the cactus and also they are depicted in trances of mental elevation.

The Huachuma or San Pedro has no contraindications, it is lighter than the Ayahuasca. You should only be careful not ingesting a much high dose and be protected by a good Shaman. It also requires a 3-day mental and physical preparation (diet and taking of volcanic medicinal water). It is not toxic or addictive and the ritual should be preferably done in the middle of nature, like next to a lake, river or inside the woods. What is Wachuma.

  • It opens the subconscious, allowing knowledge of childhood traumas, repressed experiences and so on. However, it is not on this aspect as powerful as the Ayahuasca. The main use of this brew is not the healing of severe emotional and existential issues, although this can also happen.
  • The mystical Wachuma causes complete union with nature, which brings much greater ecological awareness and also cessation of suffering, revealing a path to be pursued and followed after the ritual.
  • Finally, its main effect is unification with our very divine essence, with our inner divinity, in an amazing altered state of consciousness. The participant will be united with the formless, unbounded Self. So many quite valuable lessons can be learned from such a powerful spiritual experience.

Our shamanic society can do the San Pedro ritual either inside our retreats temple in the countryside or somewhere in the natural environment surrounding it. We have daily availability with senior Shamans and experienced, trained assistant-translators.

You can check this website for knowing about all our ceremonies, retreats available and articles with complete information regarding the sacred, mystical brews. What is Wachuma.