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Massage therapies, Inca mystical secrets

Spiritual Shamanic massage, energetic unblocking of stress contractures, introspection and ancient regression.

Shamanic Massage Cuzco, is a spiritual connection of the Inca Shaman with the universe and the Pachamama (Mother Earth), whose special power he channels in the form of subtle energies. We use natural creams from Andean and Amazonian plants, medicinal essences thus unifying the spiritual energy and balancing body, mind and soul. The healing process of shamanic massage activates the energies of the body, mind and spirit, the result of which reestablishes not only the harmony between emotion and mind, but between internal parts and systems as well. First we work the physical body eliminating the heavy loads and negative energies through energy cleansing (stress, blockages and contractures). We also eliminate all negative feelings that you have and are not visible, the Shaman does this through his secrets with manipulations, uses hot stones and shamanic stones on the body.

He purifies and activates the chakras, conducts Inca meditation with coca leaves and unification of the four cardinal points through the shamanic table or Karpay. He releases totemic animals to help combat negative sensations with Palo Santo (Holy Wood) incense, flowery water, the energy field, passing of the condor feathers, among other Shamanic secrets. Stretches tendons and muscles, strong pressures in specific points for emotional release, mobilizing all the skin and musculature. It is a complete work of the whole body, many techniques are applied as needed. We recommend the complete massage of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The result is the discharge of physical and mental sensations, restoring complete energetic balance.

The massages are mystical and performed by experimented descendants of the Incas, Shaman healers and spiritual guides who know the spots, channels and the energetic powers of the forces of the Earth, the Sky and the Universe.

Shamanic massages are the connection of spiritual energies of the universe, through a Shaman who receives the divine spiritual light with the intention of healing that body. It is the mystical massage that allows to activate, to restore the sensory and psychoactive emotions of the body, mind and spirit.

Through the massage we work the body, release the energies and overloads, negative sensations through energy or aura purification (stress, blockages and contractures). The Shaman uses his techniques or secrets through his hands, cleans with Flowery Water, incenses or other elements, shamanic secrets and his own spiritual energy. He does muscle stretches, tendons, alternative pressures in areas key for emotion-release, relaxing all the muscles, which results in a physical discharge of mental and spiritual burdens, restoring your energy balance. For a good benefit we recommend a full body work of at least 2:30 hours.

Mystic Massage

Mystic massage is the release of negative energies and charges accumulated in different parts of the body. Through manual labor we cleanse the stress, the tensions of the muscles and tendons. Helps improve posture and fights body aches. You will have massages at the Shamanic Temple in an energetic and welcoming environment. You may want to add to your Shamanic massage, an Ayahuasca ritual. Ayahuasca retreats, Ayahuasca in Cusco, Ayahuasca in Amazon. Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru.

Native Shamanic Healing

The Master Shaman is only a channel of divine, subtle energy, receives spiritual power in his hands, heals through the connection to wise spirits (the Gods of Inca medicine). In shamanic massages different secrets or complete techniques of healing are used that your mind, body and spirit need.

Inca Shamanic Massage Cuzco

Shamanic Massage and Inca Healing.- We work using various techniques or secrets throughout your body. It is efficient in relieving muscle aches, contractions of low back pain, nervous tension, stress and negative overloads. We use different organic oils (essences) and extracts of medicinal plants from the Andes (Coca, Chirichiry, Marku among others).

We request the transmission of energetic power through Inca spirits, the 4 forces of the universe and Mother Earth (Pachamama). We help to unlock and heal your whole being.

  • We align your chakras and open the energy channels through universal energy.
  • We call totemic animals and spiritual guides to purify the negative energies or auras of your whole being.
  • Unlocking, purifying, cleansing the physical body chakras and immediate rehabilitation of nerves, muscles and stretching.
  • We help with energy cleansing using condor feathers and shamanic elements. The goal is to expel negative energies and drive away the vibrations or negative feelings accumulated in your mind.

These massages are mystical, made by experienced Inca descendents, Shaman healers and wise spiritual guides who know about the channels and energetic powers of the forces of the earth, the sky and the universe.


We apply different techniques throughout the body, mind and spirit. Necessary to relieve muscle aches, nervous tension, painful contractions of the lower back, negative overloads or stress. We use different organic oils (essences) and medicinal plant creams (Coca, Marku, Chirichiry among others):

  • We ask for the transfer of powers through the Inca spirits, the Pachamama, the 4 forces of nature, to help unlock and heal the entire physical body.
  • Application of universal energy (Reiki) to open and align the energy channels.
  • Invocation of our totem animals and spiritual guides to purify the dense energy of the aura and its ethereal bodies.
  • Unlock chakras, physical body and treatment of nerves, muscles and stretches.
  • Cleansing of negative energies through condor feathers, flowery water and other shamanic elements to expel bad energies and ward off the bad vibrations or sensations accumulated in your soul.


Only basic Massage, 60 minutes, Cusco center. Service hotel.
USD. 75.00
Short massage + energy cleansing, 1:30 hour, Cusco center 3rd floor.
UDS. 100.00
Intermediate massage, energy cleansing + meditation with coca leaves, connection to the 3 worlds, 2:00 hours, Hotel service
USD. 145.00
Intense massage: energy cleansing, meditation with coca leaves, 3 worlds connection + purification and opening of chakras, 2:50 hours, in the middle of nature, mountains and river.
USD. 210.00