Shamanic Massage in the Amazon

City: Cusco
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Shamanic Massage in the Amazon - Cusco

In the times of the Incas, nature was called Pachamama (Mother Earth), and was thought of as having a female spirit, which was giving and caring. The Amazonian Shaman channels this spirit and uses it for healing body, mind and soul. The Shamanic massage heals both the physical body and the energetic body.

For the physical body, the Amazonian Shaman will use native creams and oils from medicinal sources, and skillfully will stretch tendons and muscles, release bodily stress, undo contractures and softens the skin. This is a complete relaxing and reinvigorating massage. Moreover, the Shaman will use hot stones over key points of your body, to help increase the flow of positive energies. This massage will also improve your posture and heal body aches.

But the Shamanic massage also works on the energetic body; it will align and unblock your chakras, allowing a much increased flow of positive energies both in body and mind, awakens your totemic animals which will give you strength and wisdom, cleanses negative energies inside your body and mind.

Our Shamans use millenary secrets and techniques to give a complete treatment to both body and mind, taking people to a brand new, very good physical shape again, and also to a powerful mental state flowing with positive energies. Finally, our Shamans use typical elements of Inca spiritual healing, like condor feathers to help cleansing negative energies, palo santo (wood sticks) also for sending away negativity and flowery water, to give energy and shield the person against harmful vibrations and energies.